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dobermann blu isabella

What are the health risks for a red pup from a red dad and albino mother? Love my buddy to death so thanks for any info. Additionally, Alaska just has to many kinds of cultures in the small parts that are accessible to support humans in numbers to have to embrace racial beliefs . Puts up with everything my kids do to him, he is protective, big and strong, and gives our family unconditional love. i will also say that certain people should’nt be allowed to breed either (like know it alls that are never happy with their own lives) but they do. Over the last 15 yrs it has become common to see oversize dobes (height as well as weight). Wish us luck! I am honored to read your story. I knew he would naturally. Completely gorgeous and I have never seen another like him. Examining Dobermanns, we can recognise interesting combination of coat colours. Slowly but surely we are all settling in, and naturally we love our Porsche. If you believe that this is not a good practice, then maybe you should educate yourself about WHY there is a reason it is frowned upon. and this was n the warly 80’s. If you don’t understand what I’m talking about, reasearch the original european bulldogs. But do not carry the Z mark on their paperwork. Also, a neighbor had a visitor with a beautiful blue dobie girl. Beautifully said. ... Blue With Rust Red (Tan) Isabella & Rust Red (White Ancestry) Brown & Red Rust (White Ancestry) Isabella … No. It is not for betterment of the breed, for confirmation or for the show ring because they are not the breed standard. It’s obviously you don’t know a damn thing about the breed do your research get a DNA test stop believing all the crap you see on the internet about white Dobermans none of it is true. Il dobermann bianco è stato escluso anche dallo standard americano, nel quale sono inseriti l'isabella ed il blu, lo standard dell'AKC venne modificato nel 1982. We are also in Alabama – near Bham. Black people have higher rates of high blood pressure and are more likely than whites to have vitamin D shortages in northern hemispheres because their skin is so dark that they don’t manufacture enough of it in northern countries. Though this post will probably be burrows by more uneducated comments of “nu-uh’s” and “uh-huh’s” that one could read until they were blue in the face. Before I bought our current Red Male, the breeder asked what I was looking for, I said I was a little partial to a Red Male never having owned a Red before. She’s very sweet and affectionate about 6 month old. He is a great dog and slowly filling DINO’s paw prints. My uncle had a albino doberman for 15 years and was the best dog ever. I have to say that I haven’t found many things different between the two breeds except the hair. White Dobermans today descend from Sheba, who was inbred to create the white Dobermans. This is where we are today. And I say albino because it is not a colour it is the complete opposite a lack of colour I would never entertain a breeder of the albino Doberman and those breeders who describe the dog as rare and desirable are idiots that have no interest in healthy dogs just lining their pockets it makes me feel sick. You have two dog, who has one black allel and one white. This is the most popular and most often seen hair color. I am living with a little companion that is pure bred, that should be POOR BREAD! You are wrong, recent, proper scientific research is showing the opposite: Dogs neutered or spayed at any age were at significantly increased risk for developing mast cell cancer, lymphoma, all other cancers, all cancers combined, and fear of storms, compared with intact dogs. While they do typically have high intelligence, friendly disposition, and minimal health issues, the opposite is also fairly common. Should I be concerned? But I will say that i have never spent so much money on vet bills on any dog I’ve ever owned in my life. I think there are a lot of moronic people on this site that are prejudiced as well as an educated even though they should stop and think that humans by their logic are imbread as well because if it was just Adam and eve then some body was double dipping…so white dobermans aren’t alone are they? Dr. S. At the University of Saskatchewan says that color has no bearing on the health and temperament of a dog. Oh dear, Glad I came to this site. How much pain is tolerated so someone can have a “cool” looking dog? Years, Milo is 4 and not a day goes by that I don’t think of Cleo! Una recente statistica (2000) condotta negli Stati Uniti, dove lo standard AKC-DPCA riconosce tutti i quattro colori, ha evidenziato che il 93% dei Dobermann blu ed il 75% di quelli isabella soffrono di CDA. She would come and take my hand gently and lead me to him if he was wet or had soiled his diaper. I do have a serious issue with destroying White Doberman pups at birth. My black & rust male Doberman is wonderful. I wanted one that was very easy going, a little less territorial and on edge most of the time, because we had a lot of kids in and out of our home. Don’t worry, there isn’t any problem with this. MONEY. These Dobermans actually do have health probs there white coat shouldn’t be exposed to sun I had a white dobee before. I had two doberman a blue and a fawn they both loved to play with tennis balls. If your were truly responsible with your pets this would not even be necessary. i think whitedobielover has the most sense of anyone on here. Mom kept telling her she didn’t like her. I believe those ‘batteries’ that have been discovered from days of old, using vinegar, were possibly used for making colloidal silver! It doesn’t get much better than that!!! Shut your mouth dumbass, if people wanna spend their hard earned money on something they want then let em….who the f**know are u to say anything. Animal shelters are not a reliable source. I work for a Holistic Vet that created an incredible line of Cat and Dog food…if you’re interested, I would love to set you up with some free samples and tell you more about it. Darwin’s theories of natural selection might suggest that a white tiger would not be able to breed in nature due to it’s ‘different-ness’, however, nature and reality clearly evidence that this genetic variant continues to procreate on our planet. With the exception of running across the field to see Grandma if she was outside. onsumers and dog lovers need to be educated about the health concerns of these dogs. They are very protective and loyal. To be a partial albino, the horse needs two copies of the partial albino gene. Overall, the European Dobermann is a larger, heavier, dog with a thicker bone structure. Joanne, I rescued a White Dobie about a year and a half ago and in December had a tumor removed from his eyelid and a few from his lip that were cancer. If it has two, it becomes white. Markings to be sharply defined, appearing above each eye, on muzzle, throat and forechest, on all legs and feet and below tail. The fabulous Doberman Pinscher exists in five different colors: Black, red, blue, fawn (Isabella) and white, but the breed standards for the AKC, UKC and CKC (Canada) allow for four of them; the United Kennel Club goes farther by indicating that any color other than listed is a disqualification – albinism, while the Doberman Pinscher Club of America notes that any other color is … The blue Doberman is a dilute of black. My advice is to start with a doberman that has excellent genetics/temperament. She’s a doll, and we don’t have any issues, but it’s crap about her eyes being normal. It has been what most often leads to fear biting which is not as prevalent in other colors. I recommend both of them and if your are close to either I can give you a contact person. Additionally, the limited gene pool of the dilute fawn and blue coats have either been directly produced by irresponsible breeding programs focused on color rather than health, or have used Dobermans from such breeding projects. Dogs should look something like a wolf, a dingo, or a fox if they had not been reconfigured by humans. remember please dont be a moron and breed these dogs ever ! This socialization needs to continue even after puppy-hood on a consistent basis. , I have grown to love the Dobmerman due to their intelligence, loyalty and gorgeous looks. Fact is that there are still breeders that destroy blues and Isabellas and reds, because they are from mutated genes. Now what? Personally I work long shifts and what works for me is that I have two dobes to keep each other company. Thank You!! It was so horrible, but she was always such a love bug and anyone that met her loved and adored our dobe. It seems the Doberman breed has a very strong heart. Ie, If a black dog has one partial ablbinism gene, it becomes blue. My husband and I are both retired. That is a serious offer, and transport too. For some dogs, like those who were abused to the point of retched temperament, putting them to sleep in a shelter is better than forcing it to live in fear or possibly putting you or your loved ones in danger due its unpredictable nature. The AKC does register white(albino) dobermans. My first ones never had a health issue up till the day they passed peacefully in there sleep. I hope you found yourself another Doberman love. He couldn’t handle the loss of his pack. Great skin and coat, awesome temperment, etc… As with any dog, problems are caused by poor breeding. It’s done that to me too. Inbreeding definitely can introduce unwanted traits, as well as perpetuate them……BUT…..Line-breeding (aka Inbreeding), when done by a conscientious professional, can strenthen a breed. Hope you will sell me your dog. … douchbag. My red Dober-boy, Steele, gets a sunburn on and just above his nostrils the fist day outside in the Spring. But what’s the problem with the all-black ones? The female is, and I love this dog so do not think I am biased, very stupid. White skin can’t go into the sun and therefore can’t create vitamin D which leaves their bodies to pull it from their bones making them weak and open to osteoporosis and every other diseases and sickness some which albino dogs have in common. I had one that absolutely refused to use the try the dog door, and when he attempt to bite me, after multiple treats of encouragement, I just thought, the last thing I could have is having my children bitten. Bashing someone’s religion. And it was stated that they were not the desired color only because they could be seen at night with them being white. Very few Dobes carry the recessive white, and fewer carry the gene close enough to override and produce. There are far too many missbread dogs that are in shelters and euthanized because someone wasn’t being responsible! You are the product of mating genetics just as much as a white or silver Doberman or two humans of any color (some better adapted than others awhile, but then things change) because a male had an erection and a female accommodated it by choice or force. Hope you will sell me your dog. I know that means he will have some of the albino gene in him but is this going to cause any health issues? The Fawn (Isabella) Doberman color is from the dilution of the red Doberman coat color. For centuries man has made MANY, MANY dog breeds, and so what if they were interbred? So smart and loves attention. So. I should of googled white dobes b4 i even thought about it but i didn’t and now to see what i have read about them i don’t know how these breader get away will mating them It sickens me to think that this is so not fair to the bread..and how clueless sarah at the top of this page really is ugh.. go to the AKC home page and read what color eyes albinos have and all the probs they have they can have up to 3 different colors in eye color…. anyone with as much as a passing knowledge of animal genetics knows albinism (yes, that IS what gives it the white coat) renders ANY breed susceptible to genetic issues. Doesn’t matter which color has your doberman, matter is you have a doberman. U sound like an idiot! There is alot of controversy on this subject. Chantelle would push her nose under her hand and flip it to land on her head. White tigers are very beautiful creatures as are white lions and both occur and survive naturalistically in nature. It stands on its pads and is not usually heavy-footed. We are not trying to replace Katie, that would not be possible. I have a dog, so I should breed? I lost my best friend 2 and a half years ago. She has 2 small dogs as “pack-mates”, so she doesn’t quite realize her own strength or size. I am looking at an Isabella (Fawn). Heterozygous means there is one of each, ie, Bb, Dd. So what if it was, so what if all breeds came about that way? Listed as white only because albino is not a color. Never a problem with this. The dog should respect who the alpha leader/you decide is allowed into your house or “pack”. He is crate trained for while she is at work and he loves to go for rides and hikes. However, she is overly friendly with EVERYONE and very healthy. We rescued our white dobie. We have a rescue white female. Also…. These cream, or as some say white ones, were first documented in the 1920’s as being a ‘dirty or apricot’ color. I am getting ready to buy the only black and rust puppy from an all white litter. based on what color genes are dominant). Ok, I think it needs to be said… that while whites are beautiful, intelligent, loving and just as wonderful as any other color of dobe, the akc doesn’t accept them. Where do you live? I have a fawn doverman she turned three months yesterday her name is clare. That is the equivalent of cutting out a womans ovaries and a mans testicles without their consent. I want my future Doberman to have the best foundation of development and training, something that I fear I will not be able to provide myself. We got her in the family when she was about 10 weeks old and now she is 5 years old!! He just seems like an old soul with a great sense of humor and there are times when we all know that he is the one training us! The chart may be misleading in the prevalence of blue coats. In Sep 2018 we adopted Katie. Feel free to join my group Doberman ReHome and Rescues. I couldn’t read your whole rant cuz I got bored …but my blue weighs 140 so your statement that they are small is false. I don’t want to see an outstanding breed tarnished by this uneducated, irresponsible behavior. The genotype is the Dobes genetic potential to Treat them right and the will do the same. I also agree with not getting dogs from shelters, I want to know where my dogs have come from and that they have had my influence and training from a young age. Right, exactly what we did not want, a puppy. Come North of Canada. For small dogs with internal infections I would use about 1/4 oz twice a day for 10 days, and up to 1/2 oz twice a day for 10 days. She is 7 month old and so beautiful. Secondly White dobermans are more healthy than the fawn and blues. She has several very healthy cream ones and after having one lab-tested the results came back with no classification of albino whatsoever. This is classic snobbery! A puppy has more physical needs than the average retieree can satisfy. I Had a red and Blond, I Loved this dog and Was the Smartest Dog I have ever had, I will Probably buy another registered Red and Blond , or I Might try a Black and tan this time either way this Dog will have a fantastic Life, Traveling and Being Spoiled!!! I think that when these genetically imperfect dogs are born they should not be allowed to have AKC registration and MUST be spayed or neutered or be HEAVILY fined! He’s also had various moles all over his back/body that my vet and I monitor for skin cancer. correlazione fra mantelli di colore blu/isabella e l'alopecia. Genetics of Dobermann coat colour. You are not special. The word “Inbreeding” is thrown around as if it was a curse word. If anyone is a breeder of Dobermans please reply with some info or things i would need to know first!! They have no body weight to bring down a fighting man, nor do they have the rihht tempermant and courage to do so . umm yes albinos can have blue eyes because the lack of pigmentation leads the iris to look opaque, therefore a pale icy blue. When my last child was born you would have thought he was her puppy. They should have a photo of. I was not aware of the health problems white dobermans have and if i had I may not have gotten him. So learn more before spouting off. Do you know which Doberman colors are recognized or restricted by kennel clubs? He got all the best traits of each breed but especially the goofy tendencies Dobies can have. My white Doberman is both death and blind but very sweet. ….. if there is something wrong with it, it’s not because of its color. Last updated ... Definite black, brown, blue or fawn (Isabella) only, with rust red markings. However we can trace it’s roots back to the late 19th century whence it was bred to halt poachers on gamekeepers land.They tried the English Mastiff; Too passive: poachers got away. There will of course be some adjustment as the dog learns what’s expected in it’s new house. Look at what we did to the. I have a red and a blue they are amazing with my children. Where there is demand and the opportunity for profit, there will be people willing to breed Dobermans with an unhealthy breeding philosophy to chase a profit. I also have 3 reds and 1 black, all healthy. They do have blue eyes and excellent eye sight. She was our next to last Doberman and miss all of them so much. Also do research on white tigers, golden tabby tigers, and stripeless, white tigers, as well as Siamese cats and Himalayan rabbits, while you’re at it. She lay in the floor next to him and I would catch her cleaning his face. I have known many White Dober-girls/boys, through Brigette. Hi, this is a great post, even after so much time. More educated people know about this so spread the word. You all claim to care so much about these dogs but yet you obviously put no effort into educating yourselves about them and how maintaining a healthy vibrate breed standard is accomplished. The white doberman I kept has never had any health problems in the four years I have owned her. Most of the diseases and illnesses recorded in white dobes are nearly constant in other breeds of dogs, regardless of coloration. The two who currently share my life are the most recent of the 11 Doberman Pinschers that have graced my world from my past. They are beautiful, rare Dobies. Cause I promise not everyone loves your children. red dobies are very nice to kids I have one named penny oh and I’m a kid btw anyways penny is so sweet she always greats people with a smile and she is always nice, I just wanted to say that it’s a shame that people give ALBINO Dobermans such a bad rap….I have had Dobermans since 1987 and they are GREAT companions…before about 35 years ago I saw a white doberman and other exotic animals that were in the news from being taken from a home in Eastwood,NY…some asshole was arrested for having all these animals that he didn’t have licenses for…when I saw the Albino in the news I wanted to adopt him and very sad to say that when I called the SPCA told me that he was unadoptable..I asked why and they said because his owner would take a tazer to the dog and because of that they had to put him down…I was so angry that an innocent dog was treated that way…..last year I found my Albino and he is GREAT….so loveable, playful and and just amazing couldn’t ask for a more loving dog….People need to stop judging dobermans and dogs in general…its not the breed of the dog its how you raise/train the dog…you as an owner are what you make your dog to be just like a child…your actions mold the dog……keep your heart open to all dogs ALBINOS too. And if you sincerely care about shelter dogs, I also recommend you stop whining on the internet and start pushing your congressman for tougher laws punishing animal abusers and tighter regulation of pet ownership and breeding. A beautiful White female Doberman placed in the last DPCA Nationals. with that. Love your Doberman that was born ‘white’ but make sure to protect it from the sun, it’s eyes, skin, etc. Fact is all Doberman are awsome. These are black Dobermans without the usual rust color markings. Don’t make someone get a dog from the pound that turns out to be poor tempered, because they are then, by conscience, stuck with said dog. Also we treat infections with MESOSILVER. one black and one white, just like the parents (50% chance – this has twice the chance that the both-black or the both-white) – they are carriers, their white gene allel is hidden, 3.) He lived to be 16 years old. The point that the author was making was that they are partially albino and albinism comes with health problems. I can’t take him anywhere without people asking if he’s a show dog. In fact, we were there yesterday as I purchased another Doberman. In horses, there’s something called partial albinism. If you have ever seen a picture of Shebah you will see she was not totally white. These dogs were never tracked nor were their litters. But nobody cares. lol!! You should come to Alaska, Most of the year the environment is white white white LOL! The Doberman Pinscher has a lot of energy and endurance when needed, but in fact it is just a moderately active dog. Which at this point is all it is. I love that they require not coat clipping. [email protected]. Currently I have two of my own Dobermans and one foster I am taking care of until she is healthy enough to be placed in a forever home. ok, not all white dobes are unhelthy. She excepted my wife at 2 years old, my children when they came along when she was six with my daughters and eight for my son. There’s also no such thing as partially albino. He had not sight problems. She had experienced some hard blows in her life, starting at birth. Shelter dogs are not for everyone. They always will! THE WHITES NEVER HAD ANY ISSUES WITH BAD SKIN OR EYESIGHT OR HEARING! With his best temperament of Doberman anyone could wish for. both allels are white – you get a white puppy (25% chance). Thanks, O”k this is crazy! So get that idea out your head and just research the dog you get before you get it or ask ur local vet. ‘Look in before you look oot’ an age-old Scottish expression. Did AKC refuse to register something you have? Darwin’s theories of natural selection might suggest that a white tiger would not be able to breed in nature due to it’s ‘different-ness’, however, nature and reality clearly evidence that this genetic variant continues to procreate on our planet. The problem happens when inexperienced people don’t invest in the tests that are necessary to find out which individuals gene pool, either should or should not be crossed, with another. Il Dobermann è un cane grande, robusto e muscoloso, dai tratti eleganti ed un portamento nobile e fiero. HOWEVER I have also read a vast number of reports from people who claim to have skin, eye, stomach, and bone issues with their whites. No one has had all the albinos dna tracked to see. Our Emma and Bella were each 1 year old rescues within the family because of first health problems and later job transfer of the original owner. To the guy that said the bull mastiff came about by interbreeding other bull mastiffs — you are an idiot. a colored or non colored dogs are only going to be as well behaved as the owners. The population of white tigers is also too small and probably somewhat inbred to realistically test this theory. At the time I took the white because I knew that she would be spayed because I’m not in the dog breeding business. But it is not good for the breed’s future to perpetuate this mutation. I grew up with black and reds, and I would like to get another Black and a white. Idiot! The dilute colors were frowned upon in their beginning as well. Brace yerselves for it… ALMOST ALL PUREBRED DOGS ARE THE PRODUCT OF INBREEDING! NO DOG should be put outside like lawn furniture, but a Dobeman willl make your life hell if you think you can do that. It does that to almost everybody. Take your pup home and love it. Dobermans are forever loyal and will always stay by your side. This will almost certainly result in accepting a less than healthy breed quality Doberman in pursuit of his coat color. Let’s use our brains to think about original, non-judgemental thoughts! The blue and white are both puppies from are black and tans it is in there back ground so what are you trying to say these puppies don`t deserve to live what kind of animal lover are you You know who you are. They tried the Bulldogge (the original, not the chunky lil chap with respiratory problems that people are ga-ga over today); Too vicious: tore the poachers to shreds before they could hang them as an example. I have a beautiful,sweet WHITE dobie who will be five this year. I’d kept him used to kids by taking him back to my friends I got him from. Tennessee has a doberman rescue group. Both fawn and blue Dobermans suffer from a high incidence of severe skin and coat problems in addition to every other prevalent genetic problem. I think some people have developed an absurd bias. How you can psychologically mix dog breeding with human color and racism is not just astounding and blithering in it’s ignorance, it is also alarming. She is my baby! Than I think cropped or not doberman’ ears depending only from owner and his skills to stay cropped ears – this process is long. We are in our 60’s. It’s because of people like you who feel it’s not worth it to neuter them, therefor they keep reproducing . (I canNOT be out of her sight!) I am a veterinary nurse and kennel club registered Doberman breeder in the UK. I don’t care what harsh bio-cultural forces shaped you, but I don’t like you ya F_____g jerk. It is an albino full of health problems and should never be bred. I would definitely get a black/rust female! To display the recessive diluted color, it must receive a dilute gene from each of its parents. My vet at the time gave me something to bath Blue in. I have taken in many dogs that were not purebred and wonderful animals. All Dobermanns have E/E genotype in MC1R gene (locus E) and at/at genotype in ASIP gene (locus A). Regarding the albinism debate and eye color: albinism can be partial in mammals (and also birds, even wild ones), and can come from various mutations in the genome. He distinctly said Sheba was an albino, the original one. When it came to thunderstorm phobia, all neutered or spayed Vizslas were at greater risk than intact Vizslas, regardless of age at neutering. Even so, it’s felt that these dogs are not inferior to the reds or blacks if good breeding is present. interested in white/black dobie. North. An animal can have albino skin & hair, but still have normal eye color; this is called partial albinism. If it has two, it bcomes white. Her name was Blue. on the othe hand i think that they do have a right to live if you the owner can afford all the high vet bills than you can enjoy your white , albino dibe as your pet . I have seen heathly specimens of ALL of the colors and I’ve seen all of the colors have health or temperament issues. Maybe you should think about that before commenting on another animal site. I have a beautiful loving white dobe, he is very healthy and weights in at a nice 92 his skin is good, i hav a red doberman right now and i luv her to death and once one of my dogs die we might get a blue doberman do u hav any suggestions otherwise, People you are forgetting one thing Dobermanns where breed from Weimaraners So Isabella color and the variations- it is totally normal considering this ))))). Does anyone know of a reputable blue and tan breeder in the UK as I don’t believe shipping a puppy from the states is good. Dal 1995 il blu e l’isabella non sono più ammessi, in quanto è emerso che il gene che attribuiva il colore al manto era lo stesso che generava al cane perdita del pelo (alopecia) e formazione di croste tendenti all’infezione. If you truly cared as much as you would like others to believe, you would take the time to understand instead of spouting off at the mouth when its painfully obvious you haven’t a clue what you’re talking about. I think the main point about white Dobermans is that they should rarely be bred from both white parents.

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