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sublimazione freud creatività

Freud considered this psychical operation to be fairly salutary compared to the others that he identified, such as repression, displacement, denial, reaction formation, intellectualisation, and projection. IL CORPO E LA SCENA. "[7][8][9] The classical example in Western religions is clerical celibacy. Different schools of thought describe general sexual urges as carriers of spiritual essence, and have the varied names of vital energy, vital winds (prana), spiritual energy, ojas, shakti, tummo, or kundalini. Geller, J.(2009). All that we need and that could possibly be given us in the present state of development of the sciences, is a chemistry of the moral, religious, aesthetic conceptions and feeling, as well as of those emotions which we experience in the affairs, great and small, of society and civilization, and which we are sensible of even in solitude. ... secondo Freud si intrecciano strettamente, come appare ad esempio in “Un ricordo d'infanzia di Leonardo da Vinci”. La spinta originaria verso queste attività è rinvenuta da Freud in una trasformazione delle pulsioni sessuali: «La pulsione sessuale mette a disposizione del lavoro culturale delle quantità di energia estremamente grandi; e ciò è dovuto alla peculiarità particolarmente accentuata in essa di poter spostare la sua meta senza ridurre sensibilmente la propria intensità. Unfortunately, all attempts to overcome the vacuity of Das Ding are insufficient in wholly satisfying the individual. [This is a summary or excerpt from the full text of the book or article. Sublimazione e creatività : Riflessioni sul loro rapporto con la struttura perversa. The story is about Johann Friedrich Dieffenbach who cut off the tails of dogs he encountered in childhood and later became a surgeon. Psychological Science: Mind, Brain, and Behavior,, Voci non biografiche con codici di controllo di autorità, licenza Creative Commons Attribuzione-Condividi allo stesso modo. The concept also underpinned his psychoanalytical theories, which showed the human psyche at the mercy of conflicting impulses (such as the super-ego and the id). Considering Boccaccio's Decameron only as a "classic" does not render justice to its narrative structure, geometric and complex. La sublimazione tradotta dal latino (sublimare) significa esaltare o spiritualizzare. In psicoanalisi, la sublimazione è un meccanismo che sposta una pulsione sessuale o aggressiva verso una meta non sessuale o non aggressiva. "[24] He affirms that the word 'troubadour' is etymologically linked to the Provençal verb trobar (like the French trouver), "to find". In myth, Pan pursues the nymph Syrinx who is transformed into hollow reeds in order to avoid the clutches of the God, who subsequently cuts the reeds down in anger and transforms them into what we today call panpipes (both reeds and panpipes rely on their hollowness for the production of sound).[23]. Jacques Lacan, The Ethics of Psychoanalysis 1959-1960 - The Seminar of Jacques Lacan - Book VII, p. 121. Questa pagina è stata modificata per l'ultima volta il 22 dic 2020 alle 12:38. Nei Tre saggi sulla sessualità, Freud sostiene che la teoria della libido non riesce a spiegare le basi chimiche e le fonti, né dell'eccitazione, né della sublimazione dell'istinto sessuale. Such creativity, though said to be important, is instead very often restricted to few selected people. Alchimie della creatività. In psychology, sublimation is a mature type of defense mechanism, in which socially unacceptable impulses or idealizations are transformed into socially acceptable actions or behavior, possibly resulting in a long-term conversion of the initial impulse. He defined … [16] Lacanian sublimation is defined with reference to the concept Das Ding (later in his career Lacan termed this objet petit a); Das Ding is German for "the thing" though Lacan conceives it as an abstract notion and one of the defining characteristics of the human condition. Broadly speaking it is the vacuum one experiences as a human being and which one endeavours to fill with differing human relationships, objects and experiences, all of which are used to plug a gap in one's psychical needs. For this reason, Lacan also considers Das Ding to be a non-Thing or vacuole. Jacques Lacan, The Ethics of Psychoanalysis 1959-1960 - The Seminar of Jacques Lacan - Book VII, p. 119. In pottery for example vases are created around an empty space. Note sulla sublimazione freudiana* Affrontare il tema della sublimazione implica una stratificazione di difficol- tà per diverse ragioni. Chiamiamo facoltà di sublimazione questa proprietà di scambiare la meta originaria sessuale con un'altra, non più sessuale ma psichicamente affine alla prima». Sublimation (German: Sublimierung) is the process of transforming libido into "socially useful" achievements, including artistic, cultural, and intellectual pursuits. [30] He discusses in detail Freud's explanations, before and after narcissism, of idealization and choice of beloved. ABSTRACT. Temporarily the individual will be duped by his or her own psyche into believing that this object, this person or this circumstance can be relied upon to satisfy his needs in a stable and enduring manner when in fact it is in its nature that the object as such is lost—and will never be found again. In this context, sublimation is the transference of sexual energy, or libido, into a physical act or a different emotion in order to avoid confrontation with the sexual urge, which is itself contrary to the individual's belief or ascribed religious belief. Jacques Lacan, The Ethics of Psychoanalysis 1959-1960 - The Seminar of Jacques Lacan - Book VII, p. 128. Eccone soltanto alcune. In an action performed many times throughout one's life, which firstly appears sadistic, though is ultimately refined into an activity which is of benefit to mankind.[6]. Jacques Lacan, The Ethics of Psychoanalysis 1959-1960 - The Seminar of Jacques Lacan - Book VII, p. 112. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, Learn how and when to remove this template message, "The Project Gutenberg eBook of Human, All Too Human, by Friedrich Nietzsche", "Cognizantability: Section 2, The Basic Laws of Transmutation", "Brahmacharya – An Outlook of Consciousness", "The Role of Celibacy in the Spiritual Life",, Articles needing additional references from May 2013, All articles needing additional references, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, One of the best known examples in Western literature is in, This page was last edited on 24 December 2020, at 22:59. One doesn't find it, but only its pleasurable associations. Chemistry To be transformed directly from the solid to the gaseous state or from the gaseous to the solid state without becoming a liquid. Sigmund Freud believed that sublimation was a sign of maturity and civilization, allowing people to function normally in culturally acceptable ways. Jacques Lacan, The Ethics of Psychoanalysis 1959-1960 - The Seminar of Jacques Lacan - Book VII, p. 52. Freud dice che la creatività è una risposta positiva a un desiderio inconscio infantile, di natura prevalentemente sessuale, che sia stato frustrato e poi rimosso -cioè dimenticato- dalla mente. A seminal 2007 study from Bologna University estimated that only 5% of all fetishisms refers to inanimate objects that have no relationship with the human body. Durante questa fase si ha un ritiro della libido sull'Io, che rende possibile la desessualizzazione della pulsione. "[30]:639, Type defense mechanism where socially unacceptable impulses or idealizations are unconsciously transformed into socially acceptable actions or behavior, Walter Arnold Kaufmann, Nietzsche: philosopher, psychologist, Antichrist, Chapter 7, section II, p. 219. [27] In architecture, Lacan asserts, buildings are designed around an empty space and in art paintings proceed from an empty canvas,[28] and often depict empty spaces through perspective. Lo studio della sublimazione, della creatività e dell’arte è funzionale per lo sviluppo della teoria psicoanalitica e dello studio della personalità. Sulla psicoanalisi parte 1 1. Lacan also considers sublimation to be a process of creation ex nihilo (creating out of nothing),[22] whereby an object, human or manufactured, comes to be defined in relation to the emptiness of Das Ding. By G. Adler and A. Jaffé (Princeton University Press; Princeton, 1974), vol. ... e utili per la società. Leggiamo e commentiamo il Secondo Capitolo del Disagio della Civiltà di #Freud. Chemistry To cause (a solid or gas) to sublimate. Te Elfder Ure). Later, it will be Freud’s duty to arrange the evolution (of psyche) with mythological representations. … Il concetto di sublimazione è un altro concetto fondamentale nella teoria freudiana dell’interpretazione dell’opera d’arte; nel saggio “Un ricordo d’infanzia di Leonardo da Vinci” del 1910 Freud afferma “…il talento e la capacità artistica sono intimamente connesse con la sublimazione…”. Beyond the Pleasure Principle is Freud 's most philosophical and speculative work, exploring profound questions of life and death, pleasure and pain. Pagine 240, F. 150 (titolo originale: Freud en zijn patiënten. Jacques Lacan, The Ethics of Psychoanalysis 1959-1960 - The Seminar of Jacques Lacan - Book VII, p. 120. For each of its aspects reveals the subversive potential of its narrative. La trasformazione di una spinta pulsionale in un'attività sublimata, richiederebbe un tempo intermedio. The most famous contemporary writers, following on Lou Salomé and Freud, who have studied narcissism the most, evaluating its various phenomenologies from many different perspectives (according to the theories of Klein, Jung, W. Bion, the Balints, or the attachment theorists, to mention the principal ones) are A. Appeau, A. The substitution might not be quite what we want, but it is the only way that we can get part of our satisfaction and feel secure, too. A study by Kim, Zeppenfeld, and Cohen studied sublimation by empirical methods. [25] If we consider again the definition of Das Ding, it is dependent precisely on the expectation of the subject to re-find the lost object in the mistaken belief that it will continue to satisfy him (or her). For Freud, sublimation helped explain the plasticity of the sexual instincts (and their convertibility to non-sexual ends). Sublimation is a great mystery. Jung che elaboreranno propri sistemi teorici (vedi S. Freud, 1914. As what Freud have discussed it, sublimation is a sign of maturity or civilization, a kind of defense mechanism to deflect sexual desires or instincts into higher acts of valuation and culturally app The novel covers different topics, but the most prevailing and dominant thought is the idea of Sublimation. Mankind loves to put by the questions of its origin and beginning: must one not be almost inhuman in order to follow the opposite course?[4]. Storia del movimento psicoanalitico) Si distaccano anche W. Reich, O. In The Ego and the Mechanisms of Defence (1936), his daughter, Anna, classed sublimation as one of the major 'defence mechanisms' of the psyche. This is just about the opposite of what Freud understands by sublimation. Poi il singolo può fare questi movimenti ed esercizi sia prima e durante il rapporto sessuale sia per migliorare durata e qualità per entrambi i partner, che in assenza di rapporti per restare in contatto con la componente spirituale di ciascun livello. Disegno di Gabriele Mucchi, 1983. Both are simply sublimations in which the basic element seems almost evaporated and betrays its presence only to the keenest observation. Infatti dopo pochi anni Freud scriverà l’importante saggio sul narci- sismo che terrà conto degli studi compiuti in tema di sublimazione attraverso l’arte. Jacques Lacan, The Ethics of Psychoanalysis 1959-1960 - The Seminar of Jacques Lacan - Book VII, p. 134, p. 150. Several scientific publications have recently shown a certain revival of concept of Tragic, in conjunction with a number of philosophical inquiries surveying the in absentia dialogue between Nietzschean speculation and Freudian discoveries. In Freud's psychoanalytical theory, erotic energy is allowed a limited amount of expression, owing to the constraints of human society and civilization itself. Ad esempio, una pulsione aggressiva può essere incanalata in una socialmente accettata: il chirurgo[1]. La sublimazione è un meccanismo protettivo della psiche che è responsabile per alleviare lo stress interno, usando il reindirizzamento energetico per raggiungere i risultati di obiettivi socialmente accettabili, ad esempio in creatività, sport, metafisica o religione. Lacan cites Heidegger who situates the vase between the earthly (raising clay from the ground) and the ethereal (pointing upwards to receive). Something is there while one waits for something better, or worse, but which one wants,[18] and again Das Ding "is to be found at most as something missed. 1. C. G. Jung believed sublimation to be mystical in nature, thus differing fundamentally from Freud's view of the concept. « The forces that can be employed for cultural activities are thus to a great extent obtained through the suppression of what are known as the perverse elements of sexual excitation. Lacan briefly remarks that religion and science are also based around emptiness. La ricerca di un'inabitazione spirituale è un altro tipo di sublimazione della pulsione sessuale. Psychoanalysis encompasses psychology, psychosomatics, psychiatry, psychotherapy, education, family and social conflicts, arts, and religions, leading to original, new, creative ideas to … Freud has appropriated this concept and usurped it for the sphere of the will and the bourgeois, rationalistic ethos.[14]. Susanna Poltroncina. Jacques Lacan, The Ethics of Psychoanalysis 1959-1960 - The Seminar of Jacques Lacan - Book VII, p. 131. Sigmund Freud believed that sublimation was a sign of maturity and civilization, allowing people to function normally in culturally acceptable ways. The Johns Hopkins University Press. 4 Sublimation - Derive editors Vincenzo Cuomo and Eleonora De Conciliis result of the Congress 'Sublimazione' Jacques Lacan, The Ethics of Psychoanalysis 1959-1960 - The Seminar of Jacques Lacan - Book VII, p. 58. Consiste in esercizi di meditazione e di contrazione muscolare e di ritenzione del seme, che hanno il risultato di stabilire la consapevolezza e il controllo di un flusso continuo di energia vitale fra i sei livelli somato-psichici-spirituali. Sexual sublimation, also known as sexual transmutation, is the act, especially among some religious traditions, to transform sexual impulses or "sexual energy" into creative energy. As espoused in the Tanya,[10] Hasidic Jewish mysticism views sublimation of the animal soul as an essential task in life, wherein the goal is to transform animalistic and earthy cravings for physical pleasure into holy desires to connect with God. They entail no disturbance of consciousness, no stopping to think why they must be done or what the expense connected with direct satisfaction would be. An icon used to represent a menu that can be toggled by interacting with this icon. Questa capacità di scambiare la meta sessuale originaria con un'altra meta che non è più sessuale, ma è psichicamente imparentata con la prima, viene chiamata capacità di sublimazione.». He defined sublimation as the process of deflecting sexual instincts into acts of higher social valuation, being "an especially conspicuous feature of cultural development; it is what makes it possible for higher psychical activities, scientific, artistic or ideological, to play such an 'important' part in civilized life. È evidente, a questo punto, come la sublimazione sia, per Sigmund Freud, alla base di ogni forma di creatività. "[2], In the opening section of Human, All Too Human entitled 'Of first and last things', Nietzsche wrote:[3], There is, strictly speaking, neither unselfish conduct, nor a wholly disinterested point of view. Freud: spostamento e sublimazione Sigmund Freud indaga le motivazioni della creatività mettendone in luce la componente inconscia e quella psicopatologica. Jung criticized Freud for obscuring the alchemical origins of sublimation and for attempting instead to make the concept appear scientifically credible: Sublimation is part of the royal art where the true gold is made. La teoria della sublimazione è rimasta però poco elaborata nel pensiero di Freud e perciò manca di una chiara delimitazione rispetto ai processi limitrofi come lo spostamento, formazione reattiva, rimozione. "[18] Human life unravels as a series of detours in the quest for the lost object or the absolute Other of the individual: "The pleasure principle governs the search for the object and imposes detours which maintain the distance to Das Ding in relation to its end."[19]. Anna Freud, The Ego and the Mechanisms of Defence (Karnac Books, 2011), p. 44. Freud concluded that sublimation could be a conflict between the need for satisfaction and the need for security without perturbation of awareness. [28] As for the discourse of science this is based on the notion of Verwerfung[29] (the German word for "dismissal") which results in the dismissing, foreclosing or exclusion of the notion of Das Ding presumably because it defies empirical categorisation. "[21] Furthermore, man is the "artisan of his support system",[21] in other words, he creates or finds the signifiers which delude him into believing he has overcome the emptiness of Das Ding. It is based on the idea that "sexual energy" can be used to create a spiritual nature which in turn can create more sensual works, instead of one's sexuality being unleashed "raw. C. G. Jung, Dreams: (From Volumes 4, 8, 12, and 16 of the Collected Works of C. G. Jung), Princeton University Press (2012), p. 100. La nevrosi creativa è un tipo frequente di sublimazione. Such Greek poetical and philosophical creativity (“corpolentissima”, as said by Vico), was involved with the unconscious recognition of structural homology. These investigators view their research, published 2013 in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, as providing "possibly the first experimental evidence for sublimation and [suggesting] a cultural psychological approach to defense mechanisms. Nonostante Freud fosse il fondatore della teoria della sublimazione, non riuscì a descrivere la sua tecnologia. Structural homology will become a fundamental instrument for Darwinian evolutionism. In psychology, sublimation is a mature type of defense mechanism, in which socially unacceptable impulses or idealizations are transformed into socially acceptable actions or behavior, possibly resulting in a long-term conversion of the initial impulse. Sigmund Freud (1856-1939) founded psychoanalysis, a new theory and treatment of the mind. È proprio in questo senso che Freud in L'Io e l'Es, parla dell'energia dell'Io come di un'energia «desessualizzata e sublimata», capace di essere spostata su attività non sessuali. zanotta top of the line. Rank e S. Ferenczi. [15], The French psychoanalyst Jacques Lacan's exposition of sublimation is framed within a discussion about the relationship of psychoanalysis and ethics within the seventh book of his seminars. Lacan's prime example of this is the courtly love of the troubadours and Minnesänger[20] who dedicated their poetic verse to a love-object which was not only unreachable (and therefore experienced as something missing) but whose existence and desirability also centered around a hole (the vagina). Of this Freud knows nothing; worse still, he barricades all the paths that could lead to true sublimation. His general formula for sublimation is that "it raises an object ... to the dignity of The Thing. "Of Snips... and Puppy Dog Tails": Freud's Sublimation of Judentum. «Se questa energia di spostamento è libido desessualizzata, la si può chiamare anche sublimata, poiché, servendo a istituire l'unitarietà o l'aspirazione a essa che caratterizza l'Io, essa si mantiene sempre fedele all'intenzione fondamentale dell'Eros, che è quella di unire e di legare.». Freud distinse tre tipologie di regressione: topica, ... cosi definita da Kris nel 1952 ed indica l’uso della regressione come mezzo per favorire la creatività. 1, 171. Sullivan documented that all sublimatory things are more complicated than the direct satisfaction of the needs to which they apply. In it Freud introduces the fundamental concepts of the "repetition compulsion" and the "death drive," according to which a perverse, repetitive, self-destructive impulse opposes and even trumps the creative drive, or Eros. It is also believed that undergoing sexual sublimation can facilitate a mystical awakening in an individual.[11][12][13]. This criticism extends from the private sphere of his correspondence (as above) to specific papers he published on psychoanalysis: Freud invented the idea of sublimation to save us from the imaginary claws of the unconscious. [5], Freud got the idea of sublimation while reading The Harz Journey by Heinrich Heine. TERRITORI DELL’ESPERIENZA ESTETICO CONOSCITIVA NELLA PRATICA ARTISTICA DELLA DANZA by Gabriella Riccio is on-line on Rivista Kaiak A Philosophical Journey No. Both the hundred novels and the frame, evoking the Black Death epidemic in 1348, make it into the first organic book in the Literature of the West, a text with a planned architecture. Sublimation is the transition of a substance directly from the solid to the gas state, without passing through the liquid state. Harry Stack Sullivan, the pioneer of interpersonal psychoanalysis, defined sublimation as the unwitting substitution of a partial satisfaction with social approval for the pursuit of a direct satisfaction which would be contrary to one's ideals or to the judgment of social censors and other important people who surround one. La ricerca di un'inabitazione spirituale è un altro tipo di sublimazione della pulsione sessuale. Jacques Lacan, The Ethics of Psychoanalysis 1959-1960 - The Seminar of Jacques Lacan - Book VII, p. 163. Jacques Lacan, The Ethics of Psychoanalysis 1959-1960 - The Seminar of Jacques Lacan - Book VII, p. 130. mates v.intr. "[20] Lacan considers these objects (whether human, aesthetic, credal, or philosophical) to be signifiers which are representative of Das Ding and that "the function of the pleasure principle is, in effect, to lead the subject from signifier to signifier, by generating as many signifiers as are required to maintain at as low a level as possible the tension that regulates the whole functioning of the psychic apparatus. Lacanian sublimation centres to a large part on the notion of Das Ding. He attempt to show that Plato's was a unified theory in which erotic love has a special connecion with creativity and beauty. (in Freudian psychology) the diversion of psychic energy derived from sexual impulses into nonsexual activity, esp of a creative nature the process or an instance of sublimating something sublimated Carl Jung, Letters, ed. In successful sublimation, Sullivan observed extraordinarily efficient handling of a conflict between the need for a satisfaction and the need for security without perturbation of awareness.

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